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Sales Training

The buying journey that prospects take today is completely unlike the one they followed five years ago. For example, buyers are often doing their own online research, initiating contact and leap-frogging over traditional steps in the buying cycle. If your company's sales training programs haven't evolved alongside these changes in buyer behavior, you could find yourself increasingly out of touch.

Far beyond basic skills training, sellers must learn how to engage and execute with customers and prospects at this new pace of business – and in a way that solves real business problems. By building precision into each interaction, you can replicate success and ultimately get even closer to your customers.

Miller Heiman sales training programs leverage a holistic, customer-centric approach that helps you target complex sales opportunities and create a path to providing successful sales solutions. Based on real-world customer scenarios and requirements, this approach focuses your time and resources where you have the greatest chance to succeed.

Millions of sales professionals have already attended our popular sales training programs and workshops. Like them, you can also learn how to:

  • Bring your entire customer relationship into view so you can address discrepancies, fine-tune your interactions and enhance collaboration
  • Employ a common language approach to sales techniques and repeatable structure to providing sales strategy and sales solutions that improve the way you evaluate and manage opportunities
  • Differentiate and professionalize your sales force, while gaining a trusted advisor status among your customer base
  • Improve close rates, lower the cost of sales and speed sales cycles
  • Build and sustain long-term customer relationships
  • Work more productively and execute more precisely for more profitable results

Sales Training Delivery Options

Public Workshops

Our public workshops are intense one-to-three-day sales training sessions that are open to anyone within your organization who may have direct or indirect contact with your customer base.


On-site programs

A Miller Heiman program facilitator will work with your sales organization to understand your exact business objectives, and then deliver a program focused on your specific needs. Customized sales training program materials are available for organizations that wish to incorporate their mission statements and ideologies into presentations used by program facilitators.



Miller Heiman e-Learning sales training programs are designed for those members of your sales organization who support your sales force, including pre-sales, product marketing and customer support.


Contact us today and we’ll help you explore your options on how to significantly improve your close rates, lower the cost of sales, and shorten the sales cycle.

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