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Prospecting 101

Learn best practices to get the most out of your prospecting activities and drive winning results.


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Advanced Concepts(SM) is an on-demand sales enablement tool that provides support on key sales challenges.


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Target the Right Opportunities

Learn why having more opportunities in the funnel doesn't always equal more revenue.

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Discover how Miller Heiman was able to improve sales performance in our clients’ sales organizations.

Industry Case Study: Transportation

This leading logistics provider brought in Miller Heiman to help make key improvements for them to grow their business.

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Industry Case Study: Manufacturing

One chemical company had a world-class product but they were missing a world-class sales organization to support it. Learn how they created a sales culture from scratch. 

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Year after year, the same story: review time.

For sales controllers, HR managers, and sales leaders, this means hectic times ahead: Getting the appraisal forms and related documentation out again, and reviewing sales performance from last year as well as operationalising the sales strategy for 2015.

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One of the best things about the Miller Heiman Sales Performance Summit is the opportunity to hear real stories from the field. I especially liked one that I heard this year about how a newbie salesperson used the sales call basics he learned in a Miller Heiman workshop to save the day. Continue Reading

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