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Best Practices in Extended Learning

Sales Managers are integral to driving change in organizations. Learn how they can affect the successful delivery of extended learning.


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Fuel Growth in 2015


Gain key insights and best practices from top sales leaders to develop next year's strategic plan.



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Creating a Unified Sales Approach

One organization looked to Miller Heiman to gain an edge in the complex selling arena.

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Herman Miller

Challenged with a multi-national and multi-channel sales force, how could they develop consistent best practices among their diverse team?

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In my last post, I talked about the two cornerstones required for building a culture of accountability: alignment and commitment. However, no matter how well-laid the foundation, building the rest of the structure can be challenging. In this post, I’ll focus on three common obstacles that can cause problems for sales leaders. Continue Reading

It’s that time of year when senior leadership gets together to evaluate the past year’s performance. Hopefully, a lot of things went right. Too often, though, they’re trying to figure out what went wrong. In many of these latter organizations, it’s not too long before one sales leader or another says something like, “We need to hold our salespeople accountable for their performance!” Continue Reading

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