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Equip Your Team

Your sales teams need on-demand tools that support them whenever and wherever they need it. Enter Advanced Concepts SM.


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Mobile Technology Trends

Looking to add a mobile component to your sales training? Read through these best practices before starting your project.


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Strategic Themes for 2015

The latest research from the MHI Research Institute looks at where you should be focused in the areas of sales operations, training, enablement and technology.

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Success Stories

Discover how Miller Heiman was able to improve sales performance in our clients’ sales organizations.

Industry Study: Banking

One leading bank in the APAC region was not maximizing its revenue potential. By partnering with Miller Heiman they improved in their win rates – and more.

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Post Office Limited, LTD

Looking to change the culture within their B2B sales division, Post Office Limited decided to introduce and adopt a recognized sales methodology and process.

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Insights from the sales experts at Miller Heiman.

This time of year, I get a lot of calls from potential clients with one thing on their mind: improving forecast predictability. Yes, they want to generate more opportunities. They want to improve velocity at every stage of the sales cycle. They want to be better closers. But most of all, they want to improve forecast predictability. Perhaps it's because so many of them were so far off the mark in 2014. Continue Reading

Discounting is a perennial problem in many organizations. Year after year, salespeople discount to meet their numbers. In some cases, all the customer has to do is ask. Continue Reading

of organizations forecasting to achieve or exceed plan spend more than $1000 on training per salesperson each year