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Allocating the Right Resources to Pursue Large Deals

New data and ideas to consider for aligning and allocating resources to win new business.
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Methods for Avoiding Commoditization

Leading staffing services provider differentiates itself based on unique strengths relevant to the client.

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Right Decision Maker.
Right Message.

This technology company wanted to grow its business in the relatively new market of "green" environmentally friendly products with a unified sales approach.

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Sales engineers in high-technology fields, such as information technology, advanced electronics and automation, may find that their technical knowledge rapidly becomes obsolete, thus requiring frequent retraining to stay up to date with fast-moving technological trends or system aspects. Add to this the growing complexity of automation solutions, as well as the demands on the sales engineer’s technical expertise, and we can say that selling automation equipment is arguably one of the most technically challenging tasks in today’s customer-facing activities. Much of the sales engineer’s value to their employer depends on their knowledge of, and ability to sell, the latest technologies. That’s been widely understood and so technical training is the prime focus for continuous sales learning. Continue Reading

Your skeleton – what is it for? The bone structure provides a framework for the body. This framework supports the body and keeps the organs in their proper place. And muscles that are connected to the skeleton let us move our bodies.

Sales operations is the skeleton in any sales organization, with a few core functions:

  1. Sales operations shapes and supports a sales organization’s customer-management strategies, their design and integration in systems and tools; and
  2. Sales operations provides a sales performance-management framework to measure, predict and influence sales performance.
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