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Through a variety of research services, we collect and analyze client data on skills and behaviors critical to improved sales performance.

World Class Sales Performance Studies:  Through original research on client organizations, we measure and compare the performance of a sales organization against data from the MHI Global Sales Best Practices Study. The data compares organizational behaviors to those of World-Class Sales Organizations, helping sales leaders identify, prioritize and develop strategies to improve performance.

World Class Sales Performance Gap Analysis: Measures gaps and alignments of a sales team compared to World-Class Sales Performance.  

World Class Sales Performance Benchmark: Measures gaps and alignments of a sales team compared to World-Class Sales Performance as well as Industry and internal benchmarks, including regions, business units or segments as scoped per the goals of the client.  

Sales Skills Assessment: Our Sales Excellence Assessment, completed by both the sales person and manager for 180° feedback. Results are used to track improvement, help managers focus on developmental needs, and improve the return on training investment.

Job Match Profile: Through our partnership with Profiles International, organizations have the ability to leverage the Predictive Sales PerformanceSM to understand characteristics of top performing salespeople successful , and assess candidates in order to hire that possess those same qualities.

Sales Best Practices Study

MHI Global's annual research study of sales practices, success metrics, and World-Class Organizations has become recognized as the largest continuous research project dedicated to sales performance in the world.

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Sales Performance Meter

How does your organization compare to the top 25 activities and metrics from the MHI Global Sales Best Practices Study? Find out with this quick online survey. You will receive a personal report immediately upon completion.

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Sales Performance Spotlight

Use research to make better selling and sales management decisions. This newsletter features interesting points from the annual MHI Global Sales Best Practices Study as well as data, charts, and accompanying insights from MHI Global executives about what these findings can mean for your sales performance.

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