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Industry Case Study: Professional Services

Having a common sales language and strategy increased the quality of the sales force’s interactions at this global information company.

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Case Study: PacMoore

Faced with unpredictable sales cycles, this organization needed a repeatable and predictable approach that would be ingrained in their sales culture.


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In today’s modern world, access to information has never been easier. More and more buyers are sharing it, and more and more sellers are collecting it. Information and data is not a new concept. It has been around far longer than I have. The term “big data” is something new and, recently, everywhere I turn, sales leaders are singing the praises of big data. It’s a revolution, some say. It’s a big game changer, say others, No, I cry. I am already hating the term “big data”!

Don’t get me wrong. I love data. I just don’t like the term “big data.” It's not because I think companies are collecting too much personal information about customers and their habits. It's not even because I don't trust them to keep it safe or use it in ethical ways. (Although I do have my doubts sometimes.) It's more because they aren't using the data they already have. Continue Reading

I was going through some old Miller Heiman newsletters when an article from 1996 caught my eye. (I guess I've needed to clean out my files for a while now.) The story was about a woman named Robyn who had been working hard to get a foothold in a large account for two years. Being someone who "writes it all down," she had copious notes on who the buyers were and what problems the organization needed to solve. She took those notes to a Strategic Selling® workshop and was able to apply the principles she learned to win a marquee account for the business. Continue Reading

Percent of sales organizations on track to make plan when they maintain a forecast accuracy of 80% or higher.