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Uniting the Organization as a Whole

What Perspective Selling Really Means

This era of the informed, enlightened customer presents professional salespeople with a new set of challenges. Customers value perspective from the people they work with—they still want real people they can talk to. A salesperson’s ability to provide perspective is the differentiator.

The Enablement Intersect

Sales enablement is the connection between marketing, operations, and training. While challenges in sales have always been great, ever since the advent of the Internet fundamentally changed the asymmetry between buyer and seller, many skills that worked even ten years ago are no longer working. In order to become a strategic discipline, sales enablement needs to move the needle toward productivity and transformation.

A Lever Long Enough: Sales Operations and Productivity

Customer requirements are increasingly fluid, dynamic and complex, and sales organizations must respond in kind. Adapting to the rapidity and complexity of the changes in the B2B environment means expanding the sales operations role.

Research Note: Sales Operations—Defining the Core

As a sales organization grows, so does the need for a centralized function that manages infrastructure. This core function will become even more important as new technologies and new types of data emerge, providing even deeper levels of insight.

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