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Conscious Calibration

Railroad companies first introduced standardized time in the mid 1800s as they could no longer rely on solar time to synchronize and coordinate train schedules. “Railroad time” calibrated the timing and movement of trains on the rapidly expanding rail system. Before the trains could run on time, they had to standardize what “time” was across the system.
All sales organizations have a collection of metrics posted to a variety of reports and dashboards. It’s rare that a sales organization doesn’t know where it is and what the gap is to plan. What distinguished World-Class Sales Organizations is not their reporting prowess, it is their conscious knowledge of the metrics that matter most to their business and, even more importantly, the behaviors that drive performance. They recognize you can’t manage metrics. Metrics can be measured and monitored, but only behaviors can be managed.
World-Class Sales Organizations are able to identify, measure and calibrate the behaviors and activities from their salespeople that drive the results they need. They have aligned their compensation plans with corporate objectives. They have established specific account classification criteria to better allocate sales resources. They know how much time is spent with clients and seek to remove the obstacles preventing more client interaction. Moreover, they can trust the data they see in their systems because they know sales behaviors and activities are consistent with their prescribed methodology.
World-Class Sales Organizations utilize a sales performance management strategy to accurately measure, predict and influence sales performance on a day-to-day basis. Common metrics supported by consistent definitions allow World-Class Sales Organizations to focus on the drivers of performance, not the validity of the data. They complement their performance metrics with a disciplined benchmark strategy to identify their strategic issues, prioritize strategic investments, validate the impact current initiatives and measure progress in a quest for continuous improvement. Conscious calibration pushes World-Class Sales Organizations to do more than just review numbers, they are able to consciously calibrate the behaviors and activities.
Calibrated Success in one of the three defining attributes of World-Class Sales Organizations. To learn more about what distinguished World-Class Sales Organizations  from all others, please download the  Executive Summary of the 2013 Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study.

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