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Why Miller Heiman

Winning complex sales has become more complicated than ever. Customers have hijacked key aspects of the selling process – circumventing vendors by doing their own online research, identifying potential sales solutions and reaching out to selling organizations on their own terms. Meanwhile, they're demanding more flexible ways to purchase products and services.

Miller Heiman brings the insight and experience gained from more than 35 years and 15,000 worldwide engagements to customers seeking to up their game in a highly competitive marketplace. Grounded in the latest research, we work with sales organizations to build the core strengths in sales techniques and sales management training urgently needed in today's customer-focused environments:

A holistic view of customer-management strategy

  • Leverage a best practice blueprint provided through our
    Miller Heiman Sales System to examine where your sales organization currently excels and where it could make it better
  • Make systematic improvements to your sales training, sales management training, sales coaching and sales techniques to close identified gaps and improve results
  • Gain a common-language approach to sales strategy and repeatable methodologies in sales techniques so that consistency and precision of execution in delivering sales solutions become the rule

Greater transparency and predictability

  • Identify and build key sales metrics tied to sales strategy and incorporate them into your CRM technology for improved monitoring of sales operations
  • Achieve increased visibility into sales performance and take corrective sales training and sales coaching actions as needed
  • Predict and prepare for future selling situations

Alignment with strategic objectives

  • Evolve your sales techniques and methodologies to improve sales-to-customer interactions, enhance customer satisfaction and grow market share
  • Establish and deploy new best practices based on the behaviors and sales strategies of your top performers to gain efficiencies and drive sales results

Miller Heiman integrates our sales solutions methodology into nearly every CRM platform and engages more than 140 experienced partners to enable consistent delivery of sales training courses and local implementations of our range of sales effectiveness, sales transformation, sales training and sales management training services.