Research Institute


The MHI Research Institute is dedicated to improving the sales performance and productivity of complex, business-to-business sales organizations.

Sales Research and Insight

By providing thought-leading research, critical analysis and benchmarking against world-class sales organizations, we help sales leaders develop and hone winning sales strategies. Our Advisory Service provides strategic decision-making support to sales leaders through customized insight and perspective.

Through our extensive, proprietary and objective research into the best practices, strategies and decision frameworks of world-class sales organizations, we share timely insights with clients through regularly published research, exclusive presentations and webinars, and apply these insights to their organization through direct access to analysts.

On-Demand Access to Research

Led by Joe Galvin, Chief Research Officer, the MHI Research Institute’s mission is to continuously research, measure and analyze the best practices, innovations and emerging trends for complex, business-to-business sales organizations. This enables us to provide our members with on-demand access to the most compelling research and insight required to make strategic decisions.

By becoming a member of the MHI Research Institute, you’ll benefit from the strategic analysis and practical expertise necessary to build and validate your selling strategies, in these five key areas:

  • Sales Productivity
  • Sales Operations
  • Sales Training
  • Sales Enablement
  • Sales Technologies

Services the MHI Research Institute provides:

Sales Best Practices Study

MHI Global's annual research study of sales practices, success metrics, and World-Class Organizations has become recognized as the largest continuous research project dedicated to sales performance in the world.

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Sales Performance Meter

How does your organization compare to the top 25 activities and metrics from the MHI Global Sales Best Practices Study? Find out with this quick online survey. You will receive a personal report immediately upon completion.

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Sales Performance Spotlight

Use research to make better selling and sales management decisions. This newsletter features interesting points from the annual MHI Global Sales Best Practices Study as well as data, charts, and accompanying insights from MHI Global executives about what these findings can mean for your sales performance.

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