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Strategic Selling®

Comprehensive Strategy for Complex Sales

Strategic Selling® helps organizations develop comprehensive strategies to win sales opportunities. Sales teams will use the popular Blue Sheet to develop action plans to successfully sell solutions that require approval from multiple decision makers in the customer's organization.

“...the finest high-level training program I've ever seen. It's efficient, professional, a mini-MBA in how to sell."

Senior Vice President, Food Manufacturing

Strategic Selling® significantly improves the odds of winning complex sales opportunities. It gives organizations a common process and language for pursuing sales opportunities and criteria for allocating resources to determine when to walk away from resource-intensive deals with a low probability of success.

Organizations will have the tools to help salespeople focus time and energy on those opportunities most likely to become profitable, long-term customers.

Reinforcement and Support

Clients who have integrated Strategic Selling® into their sales force see the best results when the process is reinforced. Learn how Strategic Selling® Coaching and Strategic Selling® Funnel Management offer organizations an on-going method to support consistent process implementation.

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