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Conceptual Selling®

To maintain a highly-competitive sales force, every interaction with customers must be conducted to either move an opportunity forward or improve the relationship. Conceptual Selling® Customer-Focused Interactions program provides a simple, repeatable structure that should be considered essential for anyone who interacts with customers.

“I realized that I was selling upside down by selling our suite of products before understanding the client's needs. I have now changed my approach to a consultative one; first understanding the needs and then delivering the solution!"

Salesperson, Transportation Industry 

Every interaction with a customer is too important to leave to chance. Conceptual Selling® Customer-Focused Interactions helps salespeople better prepare for their time with customers. Using the popular Green Sheet tool (now called Meeting Plan), organizations gain a framework to view the sale from the customer's perspective, build credibility, and create collaborative Win-Win solutions.

Conceptual Selling Overview
Program Overview

Reinforcement and Support

Learn how Conceptual Selling® Coaching and Strategic Selling® Funnel Management offer organizations an on-going method to support consistent process implementation of Conceptual Selling®.

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Conceptual Selling Coaching®

This program provides everyone in the organization who interacts with customers a structure on how to have productive conversations that either move an opportunity forward or improve the relationship.


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