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Expanding the Expertise and Effectiveness of the Sales Professional

Advanced ConceptsSM supports an organization’s overall goals of increasing productivity, improving forecasting, achieving quota, protecting margins, and increasing sales. It does this by helping Miller Heiman alumni consistently adopt and apply effective processes that have been proven to bring results.

A Team of World-Class Coaches Behind You

Focused on the key challenges that salespeople and managers face within every sales opportunity, Advanced ConceptsSM expands on the concepts learned in Miller Heiman programs and provides real-world application of best practices developed by sales leaders to overcome those challenges. It’s like having a team of world-class coaches who are constantly fine tuning your strategy to win.

Empower Frontline Sales Managers

Advanced ConceptsSM isn’t just for salespeople. Sales managers are provided with exclusive content filled with actionable tips to coach their salespeople both individually and in teams, helping them prioritize their valuable time. By empowering the frontline, you’ll achieve success for your entire organization.

Advanced Concepts Overview
Program Overview

Exclusive to Miller Heiman Alumni

Advanced Concepts for Conceptual Selling takes adoption of the Conceptual Selling® process to the next level. It enables sales professionals to make every customer interaction count.
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Advanced Concepts for Strategic Selling enables sales professionals to improve their performance by providing real world, practical application of concepts learned fromStrategic Selling
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Advanced Concepts for Strategic Selling/Conceptual Selling offers a deeper dive into the process of strategically pursuing complex opportunities by understanding the buying and selling processes at work.
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